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Who We Are

For more than 80 years, FEI has been connecting senior-level financial executives by serving the needs and interests of its members. The founding purpose of FEI was to define the profession, exchange ideas about best practices, educate members and others, and work with the government to improve the general economy.

While much has changed in the external environment over the years, FEI hasn’t strayed far from its original purpose, shifting only to reflect the particular challenges of each era of our history. And certainly the 21st Century couldn’t be more demanding and challenging for financial executives and their peers around the globe. It is, in fact, during such times of economic and global uncertainty that FEI benefits are most valuable and visible -- from obtaining critical knowledge on emerging regulations, to networking with peers, to tapping FEI’s knowledge base for career assistance.

FEI members have always been dedicated to the advancement of their chosen profession and the enrichment of their own careers. FEI is a unique forum for financial executives to: network and share best practices; engage in knowledge building conferences and seminars; be represented in critical national and global policy debates; and be aligned with a culture that fosters ethical leadership.

No doubt, FEI offers its members incomparable value. But, FEI also offers members an opportunity to give back to the profession that gives them so much. This give-and-take relationship between and among members of FEI is present at many levels, from local Chapter meetings to conferences to online discussion-based forums. Nearly every FEI engagement activity provides an opportunity for you to take what you need, and to give what you know – the strength and endurance of participation within FEI.

Our Mission

FEI's mission is to advance the success of senior-level financial executives, their organizations and the profession.

FEI strives to be recognized globally as the leading organization for senior-level financial executives. Since 1931, FEI has been connecting members through:

  • interaction: providing local and international forums for connecting with peers
  • information: providing insight to assist with informed business decisions
  • influence: providing authoritative representation for members’ interests
  • integrity: providing the tools to advance the profession through ethical leadership
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